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MS150 Houston to Austin: Support Aaron Terry’s Ride to Raise Money for Charity

The MS 150 is an annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society fundraising event centered around a two-day 150+ mile bicycle ride from Houston to Austin. When I first heard of people making this trip by bike, it sounded ludicrous. Later making the journey became a physical fitness goal. Once I mentioned the desire to a Church member who rode in 2013, he made it point to keep … [Read More...]

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Sixty-Four Miles + Flat Tire – No Pain, No Gain

After a string of 20-35 miles rides over a few weeks, I was really long overdue for a high-mileage ride. After all, I'm training for the MS150 and I'll log about … [Read More...]

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First Half-Century Ride: Austin to San Marcos and Back

One of the big hurdles for a new cyclist is making their first 50+ mile ride. I'm training for the MS150, a two-day 150+ mile ride from Houston to Austin in April … [Read More...]

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Does the Four Hour Body Slow Carb diet work? I lost 65lbs in 7 months

I lost 65lbs from August to the end of February doing the Slow Carb diet from the Four Hour Body. Even lost weight during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas despite eating anything I wanted on those two days. About a year before starting this diet, I … [Read More...]

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On the Road to Hana: Kahanu Garden and Pi`ilanihale

After a few more stops along the roadside, we decided to spend a little time at the Kahanu Gardens. It was a good decision and worth the per person fee. Among the gardens, which showcase plants with significant roles in past and present of the islands, sits … [Read More...]


On the Road to Hana: Ke’anae Peninsula

Our first non-roadside stop on the Hana Highway was at the Ke'anae Peninsula. We stayed for about 30 minutes marveling at the rocky beaches and taking a few photos. Here are some of the shots I took. … [Read More...]


A Visit to Lahaina, Hawaii on the Island of Maui

Having never been to Hawaii and not sure when/if I'd be back, I wanted to see another island. So we headed off to Maui for a few days. We ended up staying in Ainu Nalu in the town of Lahaina. It was the perfect place to be our home base. Plenty of … [Read More...]


Land and Sea at Makapu’u Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Get in a car and drive away from the big city of Honolulu to the eastern most point of the island of Oahu and you'll find this beautiful beach near Makapu Point. I'm glad I had my camera with me when I ended up here recently. … [Read More...]


On the Road to Hana: Random Stops Along the Roadside

While winding along the curvy, mountainous, scenic coastal Hana Highway, there are dozens of places that you can pull off onto the side of the road to take photos or to have a adventure hiking along a trail to hunt down swimming holes and waterfalls. We … [Read More...]


Vistas of Wakiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

The Wakiki Beach area of Honolulu really has some nice looking views. While it's easy to find tons of photos of the beach I wanted to snap a few frames of a couple of hotels and surrounding areas. … [Read More...]


Sailing Wakiki Beach on a Catamaran

Blue skies, bluer water .... on a catamaran in Honolulu has to be somewhere in the upper half of a list of the best places to find yourself on a Saturday afternoon. I had this opportunity recently and had a good time. Captian Jon of Sail Mankani and his … [Read More...]


Sunset Valley Nature Trail

Took a quick trip out to the Sunset Valley Nature Trail area this past Sunday. I've worked near Sunset Valley for 12+ years and never knew that area was back there. I guess I should make better use of my lunch hour! We couldn't figure out the best place to … [Read More...]


A Few Snapshots with my new Sigma 17-70 f2.8-f4.0

Got a new lens (Sigma 17-70 f2.8-f4.0) recently and decided to give it a test run in a clearing near my house. Of course, I still don't really know how to use my camera, so don't judge me too much! So, if you've run across this article while considering … [Read More...]


Carnival Triumph Cruise to Cozumel

Went on a family and friends cruise in January 2013 that was 15 months in the making. We were on the Carnival Triumph about a month before it broke down on another voyage that shared our same route. Luckily we had no problems and I had a Nikon D5200 with me … [Read More...]